Discussion Questions: "Flight Behavior"

Discussion Questions: "Flight Behavior"

3) What do you think of the novel's portrayal of the media’s treatment of Dellarobia and of the monarch phenomenon? Are we still in an era where “…every environmental impact story has to be made into something else”? (pg. 230)

I think it is a perfect presentation on how media usually just attend or are present to a cause or in this case a phenomenon if they find it profitable for it to be seen because as this chapter says they are not asking questions to the scientist because that won't sell so they go to a more catching witness that could give them a more “interesting” story

4) How does Della react when she first sees the Monarchs? What greater meaning do the butterflies hold for her? How is she like the butterflies? How does finding them transform her life?

With all that was narrated in that chapter, it is seen that Della is not having a good time and she is really depressed about her current circumstances in her life, but when she sees the butterfly she seems surprised but also revealing due to this phenomenon she interprets it as a sign of God (and this case of disapproval with the situation with the telephone repairman) and we can see that from there she will start watching things from a different perspective and later on she discovers that far from being a sign of god it was a sign of climate change