Our principles for building our community

Welcome to Eureka! Our Manifesto outlines how we are building an online space in which content is generated and consumed in a radically different way. Our social impact goal is to foster empathy, knowledge and meaningful dialogue, towards prompting 'Eureka moments': individual revelations that transform the collective. Ultimately, we want to foster social and political transformation online and offline.


We hope we won’t need to get to that, but if needed, here are some way we will enforce the above:

  1. Letting you know you are infringing our Manifesto
  2. Warning you about continued infringements
  3. Intervening in cycles
  4. Removing content
  5. Temporarily or permanently suspending your moderator’s abilities
  6. Temporarily or permanently suspending your account
  7. Other as needed

In the event of 4, 5 or 6, any user can activate an appeal mechanism, by exposing your case and arguments. We do our best to review all appeals quickly (within 1-2 weeks), but can take more time depending on the number of requests. To do so, please send your message to:

Please note that by joining you are agreeing to our Manifesto and ourPrivacy Policy.