We are the first online book-film club for social change.

What is an Eureka?

An Eureka is an individual revelation that can transform the collective. On the platform, it takes the form of a written reflection about a work or cycle, accompanied by a square photo/image of your choice. By sharing your Eureka with the community, you can potentially inspire change!

What is a cycle?

Cycles are spaces created for the curious and the experts to dive into a topic, together with a community. They are a selection of 2-5 books and/or films about a specific topic. Cycles are ‘active’ during a set range of dates, so you can read/watch along and discuss with the community on a rolling basis. After the cycle is over, you can still access the content and the discussion. Note: Cycles can be public (accessible to everyone), private (indexed, participation subject to approval by cycle creator) or secret (by invitation only).

What is your Mediatheque?

It is your personal mixed-media library. It gathers your Eurekas, the cycles you have created and participated in, as well as the books and films you have read/watched (if you rated it, you read/watched it). Any item you ‘Save’ will also go straight to your Mediatheque. Last but not least: it is also where you share (as much as you want) about yourself and keep a list of users you follow.

What’s our Moderation and Data charter?

Check out our Manifesto to learn more about our Principles for building our community, including Moderation principles.

Please note that by joining Eureka you are agreeing to share some of your personal information with us. Rest assured that we will not share your data with third parties (neither sell it).

You may receive emails from us. To opt out, send a message with a subject line stating 'Opt-out' to: hola@eureka.club